Our Story

Hello everyone and welcome to our online kids clothing store! We want to share a little something about us and our store.

My name is Anastasiya and my husband’s name is Alex, we were both born in the Ukraine and immigrated to the US at a young age with our families. Very shortly after we met we decided that we wanted to be together and start a family. After a couple of years of marriage we had our daughter Eva. A few years later, our son Eli came into our lives.

It is in their honor that we named our store. Eva and Eli are very charming, happy and very energetic children. Always moving and looking for adventures and always full of new ideas.

Our children are our muse and  inspiration for many different ideas. That is why they were very active participants in creating this store and choosing the styles of clothes that we sell.

As our kids grew, their needs and taste in clothes changed. In the process of looking for clothes for them, we encountered the fact that most stores and online outlets stick to the same styles, classical color schemes for girls and boys and having stereotypical views about clothes for kids in general. While there is nothing wrong with that, we wanted something different and try to find it in one place instead of having to assemble a look or style from different places and hope it works. This would take hours of browsing online stores looking for a single outfit.

There in lies our idea for this store! Colors and styles don’t have a gender and we offer you the opportunity to find clothes of different styles, colors and tastes. From glamorous, boho and chic to edgy and rebel styles for both girls and boys.

We hope you enjoy shopping on our site and find the perfect styles for your kids personality.

Yours Eva, Eli, Anastasiya and Alex.